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Training provides general awareness of the tools and methods using hands-on, computer-based exercises. Training is general to support many different audiences.

Pilots and Workshop

Workshops generally use the training material to describe tool usage, but the focus in on the application of the tools to the customer specific model. Models are usually provided to our team prior to the workshop so that they can gain domain specific context for the workshop. Nondisclosure agreements can be put in place prior to the exchange of information. Workshops are often 3 or 4 days.

Mini pilot projects are similar to workshops but are focused more on demonstrating the feasibility of applying modeling to projects. Projects teams have usually installed the modeling tools prior to the event, and have often worked through tutorials or training exercises to gain familiarity with the tools. Mini pilots often last about 3 days, and are often followed by a longer-term pilot project that is planned during the mini-pilot.

Pilot projects often use our support for performing a more indepth tool evaluation on an existing project, or for supporting an initial project. The team may have two to four 2-3 day onsite visits over a period of 3 to 4 months.

Customized training is most often performed after a pilot project. The training course exercises are changed to include customer-specific examples often extracted from the pilot project, with exercise that may execute against customer-specific applications and within the customer test environment.


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